rip i played this game since i was 5 i was pro when it shut down and 11

rip you will be missed ;[

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The Game

Super battle tactics is a turn based strategy game made for android and originally created by DeNa studios Canada ltd. Players compete with teams of 4 tanks against other players and computer created teams to win parts and money. Parts and money are used to build and upgrade player tanks

NOTICE: The game got shut down

The game is no longer accessible and there is no hope for the game!

A moment of silence for our beloved game...........ahhhh, this games used to bring memories it was such a good game but guys rem ember nothing stays forever in this world.

Warning: do not edit this page anymore

I am planning on making it no longer editable!

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Assault Tanks, Defense Tanks, Scout Tanks

Common Tanks, Uncommon Tanks, Rare Tanks, Super Rare Tanks

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Super Battle Tactics

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